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FACULTY: A belief in your potential

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Living and learning with hundreds of teenagers is not for the faint of heart, but for our faculty members, it's a special calling. They serve as mentors, teachers, coaches, and dorm parents and truly know each student. They continuously provide inspiration and guidance, as well as the encouragement to embrace the joys, challenges, and rewards of a moral and ethical life.

Our academic dean will personally ensure your schedule is the best match for your potential and your personality. Your full-time advisor will meet with you weekly to map out academic plans and help manage everyday challenges and triumphs. Every teacher and staff member will know you by name and work to help bring out your best.

Always here for you. Always Governor's.

Our faculty members are some of the most interesting, passionate people you will meet!

They include editors of award-winning journals, National Science Foundation grant recipients, nationally recognized artists, an Olympic rower, and a best-selling author.

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The best way to learn

The relaxed, informal atmosphere at Governor's is quite deliberate. We believe it's the best way to foster educational risk taking, motivation, and adaptability. Here, teachers are life coaches, and intellectual inquiry can happen any time, any place—meaning our students maintain a curiosity for learning and an enthusiasm for life.


88 percent of faculty live on campus


A student-to-faculty ratio of 5 to 1


82 full-time faculty members, including 60 percent with advanced degrees


Our online faculty and staff directory is available here.

A list of our faculty, year of appointment, and completed degrees are available here.