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ACADEMICS: What will you bring to the table?

Think Broadly. Think Deeply. Seek Solutions.

At Governor's, we challenge each student to ponder, process, and shape the discourse in small, discussion-based classes. Our teaching style is collaborative and interactive around an oval Harkness table and encourages utilizing a variety of presentation formats in preparation for college and professional life.

Of course, academics at Governor's also includes research partnerships with MIT, advanced math, demanding standards in writing and critical analysis, global exchanges, internships in a variety of fields, and a choice of five languages to study.

Always innovating, always adapting. Always Governor's.


More Than Bunsen burners.

An expansive curriculum.

Problem-Based Geometry.

top honors

Governor's students regularly earn top honors on the National Latin Exam, including seven Gold Medalists and five Silver Medalists in 2017.


The average class size is 10.6 students.

1st place

In 2017, Governor's students won 42 Scholastic Writing Awards, including seven Gold Keys, 14 Silver Keys, and 21 Honorable Mentions.